Are you thinking about getting a loan? If you are why not check out African Bank loans? African Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa; here are just some reasons why you should consider taking out a loan with them next time you need money:

  • You can borrow quite a lot of money from them (up to R 180 000) which is a good bit higher than what other banks offer to their customers.
  • If you like to have a long time to pay off your debt then African Bank loans are probably perfect for you since you can pay off your debt in up to 84 months. There are also much shorter repayment plans if you’d prefer to pay off your debt quicker.
  • African Bank have 30+ branches all over South Africa so if you ever have any issues with them you can easily find a branch to go to, wherever you live in South Africa.

There are two different types of African Bank loans that you can take out, which are:

Short Term Personal Loans

African Bank realises that sometimes people need money quickly which is why they’ve come up with short term personal loans. With this type of loan you can borrow anything from R 1 000 up to R 10 000 as well as having the choice to choose how long you have to pay off the debt (between 3 and 10 months). This type of loan is perfect for situations when you’ve got unplanned expenses to pay for.

Long Term Personal Loans

If you’re in need of more money (up to R 180 000) then you’ll need to take a look at the long term personal loans that African Bank offers. Most people that take out these types of loans use it to pay for something such as education expenses, adding extra space to your home etc. African Bank gives you up to 84 months to pay off your loan so you’ll have plenty of time to pay off your debt. If you’d like to save some money then we’d recommend paying off the debt quicker though.

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