Capitec Bank offers a wide range of different loans. If you’re thinking about taking out a loan for whatever reason then we’d definitely recommend checking out Capitec loans. There are so many benefits of getting a loan from them including:

  • You can borrow up to R 230 000 with them which is much more than some other lenders would be willing to lend you.
  • A lot of lenders only give you the option of paying back the loan within 12-60 months for example, but with Capitec loans you can choose to pay back your loan within just 2 months all the way up to 84 months so it’s totally up to you.
  • If you don’t want to visit one of many branches that Capitec have in South Africa to get a loan that’s no problem at all since they allow you to apply online for a loan. All you’ve got to do is fill in a simple form online including things like how much you’d like to borrow, the number of months you’ll pay it back in, your net salary etc. After this you’ll get a call from Capitec to confirm your application and if it’s successful the money will be transferred to your account.
  • If you deposit your salary directly in to your Capitec account then you’ll be charged a lower rate of interest on one of their loans.
  • If you choose to pay back your loan within 6 to 8 months then you’ll qualify for free credit life insurance.

Since Capitec is a very large bank with many customers they are able to charge low rates of interest due to economies of scale. This is one of the main reasons why so many people decide to take out a Capitec loan since they are usually much cheaper than their competitors!

Capitec have a few different options for people that want unsecured credit. This is great news for people that don’t have any assets such as a house to use as collateral against a loan. Capitec have what is known as a multi loan which is a monthly loan and perfect in the case of an emergency. With this you can borrow up to R 4 000 within a couple of minutes, but it’s important to remember that this should only be used if you’re able to pay it back within a month or so.

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